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KEYSIGHT DSOS404A Oscilloscope – Infiniium S Series 4 GHz 4 channel

E-band Signal Analysis (60-90 GHz with baseband coverage of DC-4 GHz)

KEYSIGHT M9383A PXIe Microwave Vector Signal Source test set

M9383A PXIe microwave analog and vector signal generator with frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 44 GHz

KEYSIGHT N7608APPC Signal Studio Pro for Custom Modulation, PC application

N7608B Signal Studio for custom modulation enables 5G candidate format like FMBC, customized OFDM, and IQ signals to be created and generated for emerging wireless, 5G, and aerospace/defense custom/proprietary applications.

KEYSIGHT N8838A External Mixer Assistant

The N8838A software package provides a simpler interface for setup, control and correction of the mixer, signal generator and oscilloscope in the E-band signal analysis reference solution.

KEYSIGHT U7236A 10GBASE-T and MGBASE-T Compliance Software

Test application for fast and accurate 10GBASE-T design validation and debug