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KEYSIGHT U4206A Probe, 34 channel, Soft Touch Pro, single-ended, quad x 160 pin direct connect

The U4206A is a direct-connect probe/cable with a standard soft touch pro connector at one end that routes to four 160-pin connectors that plug into the front panel connectors of a U4164A logic analyzer module.

KEYSIGHT U4207A Probe, Zero ohm, 34-Ch, Soft Touch Pro, Single-Ended, 4 x 160-pin Direct Connect

The Keysight U4207A zero ? direct connect probes are used to connect a W6602A to two U4164A analyzer modules. Two U4207A are required for each W6602A LPDDR4 rigid BGA interposer.

KEYSIGHT U4208A Probe/cable, 61-pin ZIF, from left wing, no RC, 160-pin direct connect to LA

The U4208A probe/cable has a 61-pin ZIF probe connector on one end of the cable and two 160-pin connectors that connect into the front panel of a U4164A logic analyzer module on the other end of the cable.

KEYSIGHT U4209A Probe/cable, 61-pin ZIF, from right wing, no RC, 160-pin direct connect to LA

Probe/cable, 61-pin ZIF, from right wing, no RC, 160-pin direct connect to LA

KEYSIGHT U4301B PCIe Gen3 Analyzer, base config 5 Gbps, x1 linkwidth, 8 GB capture buffer

Keysight?s U4301B PCI Express protocol analyzer is a combination of hardware and software features that ensure the fastest time to insight.

KEYSIGHT W3301A LPDDR3 BGA Interposer, 178-ball, rigid, connects using 2x E5406A, for LA

LPDDR3 rigid BGA interposer for 178-ball LPDDR3 DRAM. Designed for data rates exceeding 1866 Mb/s. Captures all command, address, control, DQSt and DQ.

KEYSIGHT W6601A LPDDR4 BGA Interposer, 200-ball, 2 wing, connects to U4208A/U4209A, for LA

The W6601A is an LPDDR4 2-wing BGA interposer for 200 ball LPDDR4 DRAM. It is designed for data rates up to and including 3.2 Gb/s and captures all channel A command, address and control, DQ.

KEYSIGHT W6602A LPDDR4 RC BGA Interposer, 200-ball, rigid, connects using 2x U4207A for LA

The W6602A LPDDR4 rigid RC BGA interposer for LPDDR4 200-ball DRAM enables capture of simultaneous read and write traffic at data rates in excess of 3200 Mb/s.