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KEYSIGHT U1176A LED flash light

3-inch clip-on LED flashlight for DMM test probes to increase visibility

KEYSIGHT U1273AX DMM handheld 30,000 counts true RMS with OLED display

Rugged 30K counts, IP54 water-and-dust resistant DMM with OLED display. Includes Low Pass Filter and low input Z mode. Operable in extreme weather.

KEYSIGHT U2044XA USB Peak and Average Power Sensor 10MHz – 18GHz

Make accurate measurement for any modulated signal with the Keysight Technologies, Inc. U2040 X-Series power sensors.

KEYSIGHT U2941A Parametric test fixture, 3-channels

U2941A Parametric Test Fixture is designed to complement the usage of U2722A USB source measure unit.

KEYSIGHT U4322A Mid-bus probe 3.0 for PCIe 8Gbps (bi-directional x8)

PCIe mid-bus probe with Keysight unique soft touch technology. Supports PCIe 3.0, PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0

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